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Proper Maintenance of Cedar Barrel Hot Tubs

September 8, 2021

If the water in a wood burning tub is drained after 48 to 60 hours, then no chemicals are required. Just leave one to two inches of water in the tub to maintain the swelling on the wood. When you are ready to use the tub again, simply drain that...

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Submersible vs. external hot tub stove

June 18, 2021

A common brand of external heater is the Chofu, and other examples of home made heaters are common. External wood burners usually rely on a principle called “thermal siphoning”. Thermal siphoning is achieved by having the stove lower than the tub. Hot water rises, creating the circulation of the hot water.

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Why wood as a fuel?

June 18, 2021

Wood is essentially stored up solar energy. Trees use solar energy, CO2, water and soil minerals to produce wood. This stored up solar energy can be released through burning. Wood burning does not release more CO2 than when it rots so can therefore be called carbon neutral.

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The benefits of collecting rainwater

June 17, 2021

Conservation of natural resources is one of the most obvious reasons to harvest rainwater. It’s becoming increasingly clear that water is not the infinite resource we once believed it to be. As municipal agencies struggle to meet our 21st century needs, collecting rainwater at home reduces the amount that needs...

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4 health benefits of saunas and spas

June 15, 2021

Hot water therapy is practically as old as mankind, but a recent study details the many surprising benefits it provides to human health. The study, published in the North American Journal of Medical Science, found that hydrotherapy is good for numerous systems of the body – including the cardiovascular, muscular, nervous,...

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