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Three Heating Choices

Enjoy the luxury of a Western Red Cedar sauna or hot tub with the option of wood fire, electric or gas heating to suit every home from the weekend cottage to the suburban lifestyle. Forest Cooperage Cedar hot tubs are delivered with everything required for easy assembly and near-immediate use, including a submersible stove built by a leading local welder from top marine grade aluminum.

Wood Fire

Warm up with a carbon neutral wood burning cedar hot tub. With everything you need, including a submersible stove and one year warranty to protect against defects and workmanship. Build your fire in an easy to access top loading stove, with a protective cedar fence. Water heats in 2.5-3.5 hours with temperatures ranging from 45°F to 103°F, with the benefit of no expensive hydro costs. Changing the water frequently means no harsh chemicals and filtration are needed.


Conveniently heat your hot tub with a Gecko YE series spa control electric heater and digital display. This heating method give you attractive and simple to use spa control. Water heats in 14-20 hours with temperatures ranging from 50°F to 104°F.

Propane or Natural Gas

Heat up quickly with a gas heated tub. Great option if you want don’t have the power for an electrically heated system. The downside to gas is that the equipment is quite a lot more costly up front, and will likely have an energy savings pay off measured in years. Gas heaters don’t perform well in freezing conditions so if you plan to use a gas heater in freezing temperatures, you will need to build an equipment house to keep it protected.

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