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Barrel Soaker Tub

Our Japanese inspired soaking tubs are constructed of beautiful clear vertical grain western red cedar. Whether in a bathroom or outside under the stars, these tubs smell great and will leave you feeling relaxed.

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Our smaller one person oval soaker tub makes for an excellent ice bath or cold plunge. This little soaker is also great for places where water or space is at a premium.

The larger 2-person soaking tub, is around 120 gallons. Both pair great with electric heat, or an external Chofu wood stove heater.

If our tubs are to be used indoors, a wet area or shower pan is essential as the tubs will leak initially.  The tubs also require ventilation for any steam that builds up. Outdoor installation on a deck or patio requires no extra consideration for spilling water, but you should confirm with a builder that your deck is strong enough for the tub.

Heating Choices

Electrically – Gecko YE5  Spa Pak with Gecko in.K336 spa controller,  1/15 hp circulating pump and a 25 square foot filter.

  • Wired to 240v = 4.0 kW of heat. This will bring 40ºF/5ºC water 104ºF/40ºC in approximately 5 hours. Requires a dedicated 30 amp GFCI at 240v. Requires connection by a certified electrician.
  • Wired to 120v = 1.0 kW of heat. This will bring 40ºF/5ºC water 104ºF/40ºC in approximately 19 hours. Available with a 15 amp GFCI cord. Requires connection by a certified electrician.

This system will allow you to treat and maintain the water to have it ready to go anytime you want to have a soak.

Heating Choices

Filled with Each Use

If you would rather not deal with water care and sanitization, you can fill your tub with each use. To do so, you will need an adequate supply of hot water.

A tankless on demand hot water tank heated by Natural Gas or Propane is ideal to ensure your don’t run out of hot water. A large hot water tank, or supply of solar heated water, can also work.

Wood fired external Chofu heater

Made in Japan, our Chofu wood burning stove is capable of heating our 1 and 2 person oval Japanese soaking tub, and also our 4′ diameter tubs.  These stoves are well made and will bring you years of wood heated soaking happiness.

Shape & Style

Round soaking tubs are 4 ft in diameter and either 3 ft high (32” deep) , 3.5 ft high (38″ deep) or 4 ft high (44” deep). Each round tub will come with a 3-sided bench and accommodate two people, or three with a squish.

3 ft = 250 gallons
3.5 ft = 290 gallons
4 ft = 330 gallons

Oval soaking tubs provide an elegant shape similar to an extra-large bath. This design comes in a one or two person model.

Two person oval soaking tubs internal measurements are 64” long, 34” wide and 26” deep. 120 gallon approximate capacity.
One person oval soaking are 42″ long , 30″ wide and 26″ deep. 60 gallon approximate capacity.

Silent Relaxation

Soaking tubs do not have jets as an option. Their therapeutic benefit is enhanced from silently soaking in hot water. For a time of quiet reflection or to get the creative juices flowing, there is nothing quite like a soaking tub.

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